Our House Tobacco Blends

Rely on Tobacco Rag’s expertise in the industry and various markets and try our house cut rag blends. These blends are tried and true sellers in various market segments and are available for faster turnaround.

We currently offer house blends for all tastes and uses, including cigar, pipe and cigarette tobacco. There are different quality and price ranges for our house blends, allowing you to find the perfect blend at your price point.

We also offer custom tobacco blending 

Expertly Sourced & Processed Tobacco

Tobacco Rag uses a global network of suppliers to be able to expertly source tobaccos to use in our portfolio of blends. All of our tobacco is carefully inspected, handled and produced to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and taste.

Headquartered in North Carolina tobacco country, Tobacco Rag Processors, Inc. is a tobacco processor, seller and buyer that serves both American and international markets. We offer a comprehensive range of tobacco blends, products and services for every phase of manufacturing. Contact us to learn more about our house tobacco blends.