Cigarette & Cigar Filter Supplier

As a leading tobacco seller and processor, Tobacco Rag Processors, Inc. strives to meet the needs of tobacco manufacturers at every phase of production. We do this with our range of high-quality tobacco products, which include cigarette filters ideal for use in cigarettes or little cigars.

Through our filter manufacturing operation, NC Filter, Tobacco Rag, the second largest filter manufacturer in the United States, offers superior cigarette and cigar filters to manufacturers generic cialis online. Our filters can be ordered to match manufacturers' specifications in terms of variations of lengths, pressure drops and circumference sized, as well as unflavored and menthol filters.

Located in North Carolina tobacco country, Tobacco Rag is a tobacco seller, processor and buyer that serves both American and international markets. We offer a comprehensive range of tobacco products and services for every phase of manufacturing. Contact us to see how Tobacco Rag can enhance your business.