Tobacco Rag Processors, Inc.: Tobacco Seller, Buyer & Processor

Tobacco Rag Processors, Inc. is a versatile supplier of products and services to tobacco product manufacturers and tobacco dealers. Headquartered in the heart of the U.S. tobacco region in Eastern North Carolina, TRP is an employee-owned company that has a substantial presence in the global tobacco industry.

Comprehensive Tobacco Products & Services

Whether you are a cigarette manufacturer looking to source cost-effective cut rag, a leaf dealer in need of tobacco warehousing services, or a tobacco company in need of general consulting, we will match your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company grow, improve tobacco blend quality and increase profitability.

Tobacco Rag offers a variety of products and services including:

  • Tobacco Products: We sell cut rag, blended tobacco, dry ice expanded tobacco (DIET), reconstituted tobacco, re-dried lamina strips, as well as cigar and cigarette filters.
  • Tobacco Dealer Services: We offer warehousing, inspection area and set-up, logistics and consulting services.
  • Tobacco Purchasing: We buy unprocessed (green) tobacco, re-dried strips and by-products.

Located in the tobacco region of Eastern North Carolina, Tobacco Rag is a tobacco processor, seller and buyer that serves both American and international markets. We offer a comprehensive range of tobacco products and services for every phase of manufacturing. Contact us today to learn how partnering with us would benefit your tobacco operation.