Tobacco Buyer for Unprocessed Tobacco

Tobacco Rag is a leading tobacco buyer, processor and seller with more than a decade of experience in the tobacco industry. We provide services and products for all phases of tobacco production, including purchasing unprocessed and raw tobacco.

Tobacco Rag has established itself as a reputable tobacco buyer, and formed strong relationships with tobacco growers and farmers in the United States. We can handle a wide variety of tobacco and volumes, as well as handle tobacco logistics in-house, giving us the ability to buy from a wide range of tobacco suppliers.

We are always on the lookout for new sources of unprocessed tobacco: strip tobacco and by-products, and green tobacco. If you are a U.S. tobacco farmer or grower interested in partnering with Tobacco Rag, please contact our team for more information.

Based in Wilson, NC, Tobacco Rag is a tobacco buyer, processor and seller that serves both American and international markets. We offer a comprehensive range of tobacco products and services for every phase of manufacturing. Contact us to see how we can enhance your business.